Sunday 17th June early morning bulletins. BROAR Launch Announcements 7:00, 8:00 & 9:00.


Monday 18th June 8:40 am – BBC Good Morning Scotland

Did you read what Jamie had to say in today’s ? Well if you want to find out you better go and #buyapaper
Have you finally made it when someone makes a caricature of you with your Dad? ✅ 
Looking good Jimbo! 😂
Thanks to @neilkempsell for donating this piece to the @children1st auction last month, helping to support children and families in need of help in Scotland. 
It was an emotional, tearful, socially distanced, masked up farewell to Ma Broar this week. She’s moving to Antigua! 
It’s a bit of a role reversal as last year it was Ma Broar waving goodbye to her sons who were setting off to Antigua. She has made the sensible decision to fly rather than row.
So long Ma Broar 👋
Tomorrow’s virtual whisky tasting with the MacLean brothers and their dad Charles is now SOLD OUT!
But, even if you didn’t manage to get a ticket, you can still help the boys raise funds for @children1st by buying a raffle ticket and placing a bid in the silent auction. 
Follow @children1st to find out more.
Meet the oldest person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. What a hero.
Graham Walters is an inspiration to the MacLean brothers. Here they are pictured with the 72-year-old who has attempted the crossing seven times (five times successfully) 🙌
📸 @lostclock 🙏🏼
The boys are back in the boat, and the boat’s back on the water...