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Remember when the boys were eating freeze-dried me Remember when the boys were eating freeze-dried meals like they were going out of fashion and bickering over who gets to finish the porridge?
Fresh fruit was only to be dreamed of and Lachlan ate so many Cliff bars that he actually, at one point, turned into one.
Well, they’re back on land now. So how has their eating changed?
Now, the day starts with a big pot of coffee (that hasn’t changed from sea), but instead of porridge it’s a stack of blueberry pancakes, with crispy bacon and maple syrup. It’s all washed down with big ol’ glass of fresh OJ. 🥞
Fresh fruit was what they missed most while at sea, so there’s a constant flow of mangoes and papayas until lunch, which is either a lobster salad or a BBQ on the beach with corn on the cob, sausages, avocados, corn bread and fried eggs, smothered in chilli sauce.
If they get hungry in the afternoon, they treat themselves to a some Dessert de la Casa (sweet cinnamon-flavored nachos). For dinner it’s off to their favourite restaurant on the island, @flattiesflamegrill where they chow down on Crab cakes, off the bone BBQ pork ribs and fries 
Finally, they finish their day with a big ice-cream 🍦
So after feeling incredibly sorry for the boys as we enjoyed Christmas dinner with our families while they rowed away at sea, it’s now time to feel incredibly jealous of them for eating like kings in paradise as we prepare our ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch tomorrow, which we’ll have at our desk while reading emails.
But after breaking three records, they deserve it. And after all, they have to fuel up for their next adventure... 💭
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The boys have been having a great time since arriv The boys have been having a great time since arriving back on land. They’ve enjoyed fishing trips, the very best food Antigua has to offer, the very best rum Antigua has to offer and a few cans of @tennentslager to remind them of home.
They’ve been reacquainted with an incredibly proud group of friends and family who made the trip out to see them, and they’ve enjoyed catching-up with other #twac2019 competitors to compare stories from sea. They’ve taken time to start reading through all the incredibly kind messages from their supporters they received at sea and they’ve had the chance to tell their story to fascinated journalists from across the world.
But today we asked the boys to reflect on what they missed most from life at sea, and we received a very simple answer; “simplicity”. Life back on land is complicated, and it’s full of decisions.
But when on the boat, there’s nothing on the to-do list except for rowing, eating and sleeping. With no charging cables for most of the trip, they didn’t even have to make a choice about which song or podcast to listen to. 99% of decisions were made months in advance.
That, to their surprise, was incredibly freeing. At sea, they achieved clarity of thought to a level they had never experienced before.
The boys were able to reflect on their lives, free from the distractions and stresses of normal life.
One of the many things they had plenty of time to think about was how they were going to smash through their £250,000 fundraising target.
And they’ve got some pretty exciting ideas. Watch this space.
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We have seen some great #broarfamilyphoto ‘s ove We have seen some great #broarfamilyphoto ‘s over the last month, but this has to be our favourite yet.
After 35 days at sea, it’s fair to say the boys are glad to be reunited with their mum and dad.
Now it’s time for some quality family time with two incredibly proud, and incredibly relieved parents.
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The impact of Broar’s fundraising efforts is alr The impact of Broar’s fundraising efforts is already being felt in Adranomena, Madagascar, where a borehole (the very first "Broar hole") is now being built.
So, the children of the village wanted to pass on a little message to the brothers.
The boys decided to fundraise for @feedbackmadagascar as Lachlan developed a special affinity for the country, which is the seventh poorest in the world, while trekking through it in 2018.
@feedbackmadagascar helps to improve the lives of communities by providing access to clear water, which is gravely needed as 1/5 of the country's toddlers do not reach the age of five due to waterborne diseases.
Every £5,000 raised pays for a freshwater borehole for a village in Madagascar. If they reach their fundraising target, 6,000 people will receive clean water for life💧
Donate today via link in the bio ♥️
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