Ewan is the eldest brother and is a design engineer who invents things that don’t exist yet.

He’ll be in charge of the technical elements of the adventure and will make sure our boat can perform in the harsh conditions of the Atlantic. Knowing the gear inside-out, he’ll also be equipped to repair any mechanical or electrical damages and help get us quickly and safely to the other side.

Ewan is an accomplished singer-song writer and will use his voice and a shaker to set the pace.


Jamie is a trainee architect in his fourth year at the Glasgow School of Art. His thorough and holistic nature will make sure the right things happen at the right time during the run up to the race and whilst we are at sea. We are sure to be fully prepared with him in charge of planning. Jamie is also a keen chef and will look after our nutrition – critical to the survival (and mood) of the brothers.

A fantastic bagpiper, he’ll be taking a penny-whistle to keep up moral with a melody.

(And also a full set of highland bagpipes to ensure we arrive in Antigua with a bit of style).


The youngest brother, Lachlan, is a Philosophy student at the University of Glasgow. He will be in charge of communications and help spread our story. Raising awareness for our charities and liaising with sponsors, he’ll make sure we’ve drummed up all the support we need. Sound of mind, Lachlan will help the team get through the dark days during the row.

A phenomenal accordion player, Lachlan will be taking a harmonica in order to complete the band.